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Oh How He loves you and Me!

God the Father loves us in a way that’s immeasurable and unknown to us

He loves us in a way that speaks to our spirits

and elevates our minds moving our hearts to compassion.

He loves us in a way we marvel to understand

and with all of our reasoning, knowledge and insight

--still his love moves past the width of us

The compassion of God sustains me in a way that swallows me up

as I meditate on the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus

The unmatched sacrifice that allows me to type these words,

to be in his presence, to breath in and out, to wake up, to rise…

oh how He loves you and I! His love for us never leaves us cold and alone

He comforts us with the quilt of the Holy Ghost

The mighty, moving sweeping presence of God that brings POWER.

Oh what a wonderful gift this is!

To have the Lord Jesus shed his blood

as he lay his life down just so that I may open my eyes…

blessed to see another day…

blessed to even speak his name…

blessed even in my faults…

blessed day in and day out

knowing I’m not nearly enough…

for the sacrifice,

oh how he loves us! Gods love for us is magnified

when we know, that we know that we’ve fallen short…

even in our pain, heartache and fear

the love of God remains near…

I would be remissed to talk of the love of God all day

and not ever mention his unfailing Grace

His grace is sufficient for us…

sheltering us all the day long…

as weakness rears it’s shameful head

grace and mercy create a path we’re unworthy to travel…

but because of his sovereignty…

he created this path just for you and for me. God’s love for you will cause your body to bow down

and tears to fall as the majesty of his love leaves you awe.

As you count up the cost when you turned away from him,

placing that thing in your hands once again…

like a child with an object they should not have.

You picked up the object once again…toiling and tossing it,

refusing to surrender it…

you left it in your hands…

and found yourself hurt once again.

But what did your Father do when he saw you in tears…

he picked you up and held you and extinguished your fears.

That’s God’s love for us

even in weakness, disobedience and pain

you’ll find his arms wrapped around you

once again.

Oh how He loves you and I,

so much so it brings tears to my eyes.

Where can I go in this life before me

where God the Father is not beside me…

sheltering, calming and loving me…

opening blind eyes so that now I see

oh how my Savior loves an imperfect me.

--By Lisa Walker Thomas

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