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Come Escape With Me.....

Welcome to my bookstore!  I sincerely hope you find something that captures your attention and won't let you go! Relax, browse and stay a while....I'm sure there's bound to be something to peak your imagination.  And once you've picked up one of our little treasures, be sure to leave your comment on what you liked, didn't like and what character you were ready to do away with!  Laugh out loud and enjoy!  Blessings to you and yours....enjoy!" - LWT

Bitter Cover 4-2021.png
How can two beautiful black women end their 20 year friendship over one white guy? Apparently easily because that is the exact reason Angela St. James took a flame thrower to her friendship with Ty Ellis. Within hours of meeting Brian Halston, Angela St. James found herself in his bed, and if Brian had his way that’s the only place she would be.  Angela has never responded to anyone like this in her life.  But when a photograph of the two appear in the Atlanta Journal, Angela mistakenly believes Brian planted it there as a means to sabotage a major contract he was aware of, because of that Angela abruptly ends their relationship. Angela moves on quickly with the incredibly handsome Kelley Spencer, but when her best friend, Ty Ellis unknowingly catches the eye of her ex, Brian Halston, the flames of bitterness begin to spark.  After causing a scene at a local bar when Angela walks in with Kelley and witnesses a tender kiss between, Ty and Brian, Angela becomes enraged. Angela then returns home with Kelley, where we learn some of the reasons why Angela is not too fond of her new beau, when we are introduced to some of his fetishes and proclivities.   Angela makes it up in her mind to win Brian back. But when Vivian Avery the grand dam of advertising and Kelley’s aunt senses the looming breakup, she threatens to ruin Angela if she breaks his heart. Attached at the hip to a man she doesn’t want, and watching her best friend’s happiness unfold with the man she yearns for Angela decides to stop at nothing to ruin Ty and get Brian back including sabotage, humiliation and murder…she just hadn’t counted on a formidable, relentless opponent.
First Ladies
ISBN 978-1-71672-848-8
First Lady, Vashti McDaniels is the wife of Pastor Steve McDaniels and the second most powerful woman in Charlotte, a smile and a wave from her gets you into the top tiers of the church, but a slight turn of her head will get you dismissed. First Lady Vashti is the epitome of style and grace, so regal one would think she never has any troubles, after all she hides the bruises so well.
First Lady Savoy Taylor is one of Vashti’s best friends and the wife of Pastor Paul Taylor, his sermons are legendary, powerful, thought provoking and stolen…from his wife. After her college sweetheart, Julian returns to Charlotte this regal First Lady finds herself on the big screen and running for her life.
As the bible says in all thy getting, get an understanding but when residuals of her husband’s sudden death leaves her broke and broken. First Lady Ivy Stone wishes she had an understanding and a checking account. Come turn the pages of First Ladies, you’re in for quite a few twist and turns not seen before as we see what really goes on when the pastors close the doors of the church.
Church Face


Stephanie, Monique and Cheryl are three high powered women, one is married, and two are not. So how did all three end up with the same man? Two of whom attend the same church. Do they really believe the words coming out of their Pastor's mouth on Sunday morning? Or are they simply playing a role? Church hat on, hands raised in praise, belting out a 'Hallelujah', gleaming smile, and the baddest suit known to man, a costume, the perfect embodiment carefully hidden behind a Church Face.

Pretending like I have a man...


Kendall, Sabrina, and Gabrielle have more in common than good genes, status, and a french manicure.  The one thing that binds these three together is that each of them have traded the dream of their ideal man, to that of a questionable man.  Sabrina is married to Marcus James, an NBA star, but behind closed doors she’s a paper wife, that is a wife on paper only.  Gabrielle was dumped by Brian the love of her life, when after five years together without rhyme or reason he called her an average chick and walked out on her, that’s when she grabbed Aaron, a sweat-suit wearing, ketchup-stained, tradeshow sales man. 


And Kendall’s been with Jason for three years but after he lost his job she became certain the only reason he’s with her is for food, shelter, and an endless stream of cash.  But when a major embarrassing public fight takes place between Sabrina and Marcus each woman must come to grips with the fact that she has settled for the man in her life, begging the question, “Am I only pretending to have a man?” 


After the fight Sabrina must decide if she will keep up a brave face in order to continue in the lifestyle she’s become accustomed to, or throw in the towel.  Kendall’s faced with the reality of her true relationship with Jason, when her old flame Malcolm returns with a question for her.  He offers her love and stability, along with an adventure that brings her to the brink of insanity and loss.  When Gabrielle meets Warren Kelly, she has no idea the handsome stranger has eyes for her, will she be able to piece her self-esteem together long enough to relinquish Aaron for possible true love?  Or will each of these women continue to accept fractional love served on a conditional platter?  

For My Sisters, A collection of Poems
       For My Sisters is a collection of poems that explores the attitudes, personalities and people we may see, know and sometimes portray.  From the poem entitled Sister, I don't deserve, to Sister Giver, The Angry Sister, or Church Girl you may see someone you know reflected in the words. Some of the poetry will make you laugh, some may even make you cry, all of the poems will make you reflect. The poems contained in this collection were written with my sisters in mind from our experiences to how we may see ourselves this is For My Sisters.  Enjoy!
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