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Lisa Walker Thomas is an author, writer, speaker, playwright and all around talent! Her books on pretense, hypocrisy, love, forgiveness, and conviction have no doubt made her a formidable literary opponent. After studying political science and industrial psychology, Lisa thought law school was her calling...but lucky for us she found more joy in writing novels than case briefs.
Her play Chapters is rich, brilliant and thought provoking, while her books, Church Face, and Pretending Like I have a man...leave readers demanding sequels. Lisa's new play, "The Conversation" takes her audience back to the Black Renaissance era where we catch up with Langston Hughes, James Baldwin and Zora Neale Hurston to name a few.  Her fresh voice, undeniable humor, and intelligence beckons her readers to turn the page! Lisa loves interacting with her readers and will respond to you personally via gmail at or on Facebook, so be sure to drop her a line telling her how you liked the book! As always thank you for agreeing to take this journey with us, blessings...
Pick up a copy of her newest book "First Ladies..." at, www.Barnes&Noble, and
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